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Ernestine Shepherd (or Ms. Ernie as she is affectionately called) is in better shape than most people, decades her junior. She is up at 3 a.m. every morning and after prayer and meditation, she runs, lifts weights and works out.  Several times a week, she also works as a certified personal trainer at her gym and teaches classes for seniors.

Feeling better than she did at 40, “Bodybuilding Champion” Ernestine Shepherd shows us that being out of shape as we age is merely an option, NOT a mandate. She is a role model not just for seniors, but for each and every one of us.  She is having the time of her life and one of the mantras she lives by is “age is nothing but a number.” When many folks only see themselves as declining and getting old, she continues to maintain good eating habits and takes care of her body daily.  She has a lot to teach us about thriving at any age if we are ready to change, try something new and be willing to learn proper nutrition and eating habits.

What is her secret? What exactly is she doing to defy “normal” aging? How did she transform herself from an average middle-aged woman to a bodybuilding diva?  These answers and more will be found within the pages of this amazing book.

Are you ready to learn more about this ageless life journey and see the world through her eyes? Are you ready to be encouraged, motivated and inspired to make some different choices about your own health and well being?  If so, get determined, dedicated and disciplined to be fit through the eyes of Lady Ernestine Shepherd.

“At present the book, Ageless Journey is in the process of being reprinted.  If you would like a copy please leave your name, complete mailing address and email address.  I will follow-up with an email, giving instructions on how to order a copy of Ageless Journey.”